Sustainable Hydrology

Hidrología Sostenible fully explores all aspects of the project related to water, to design the most appropriate solution, for the integration of the project into the natural water cycle.

From water supply to drainage we design optimal measurements to achieve our goal, a sustainable use of water.

H2O Hidrología Sostenible does not work with any dealer, ensuring independence and flexibility, advising the client on what to do and what not to do to achieve the objectives. With a highly innovative, using the latest developments in the world to make the best project possible.

Objectives achieved

The goal is a sustainable use of water, but what are the concrete achievements?

Increase the supply possibilities , including rainwater, groundwater and surface water.

Increase efficiency in water use of human consumption and irrigation.

Reduce water consumption by over 50%.

Reduce your water bill by more than 65%.

Drain the water in a more natural way,  by incorporating Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

How these objectives are reflected in the project?

Making it even more sustainable.

Improving its image for the client and society.

Increasing competitiveness against other projects.

And all this with the advice and endorsement from a specialist company that ensures that the solution is the best for your project, using the most advanced techniques and products in the market.


Studies and actions

At each stage of the water cycle there are many factors to consider and take into account. These factors are interconnected so that each aspect affects the other, forming a whole to be studied to design the most appropriate solution.

The following diagram offers a simplified view of the water cycle in a project. The first aspect that starts and encompasses the whole process is the awareness of the need to use water more responsibly, the rest comes naturally.

Awareness and information  

 Information systems on water consumption.

 Awareness of the need for rational use of water.

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Urban water supply network

Harvesting rainwater.


Surface water.

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Water use


Faucets and low comsumption showers.

Efficient WC.

Hot water recirculation.


Gardens desing and irrigation systems

Advice on suitable species and their distribution.

Design irrigation network based on the consumption of each plant, type of water used and soil characteristics.

Irrigation Automation Systems

Advice for irrigation operations (custom watering schedules).

Control of artificial water bodies

 Study of evaporation from swimming pools, fountains, artificial lakes, etc.

Corrective measures.


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Treatment and Reuse

Recharge WC cisterns.



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All evacuation system will include Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

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To evaluate each measurement  a mathematical simulation is made,  with our own propietary software, in a daily scale for eight years. This allows us to take a holistic view of the water cycle in housing under real conditions.

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